Cannula Liquid Facelift

Dr Myint offers a number of strategies to reverse the effects of time without resorting to the trauma of surgery. The use of dermal fillers is sometimes called a "liquid facelift".  However, these treatments simply do not have the same effect as literally removing skin from your face and neck, and tightening what is left. Only a surgical facelift can do this. it is still by far the most effective treatment option for eliminating the drooping and wrinkling of aging skin.

If you wish to try a gentler option that will allow you to age gracefull and still look the best then a non-surgical option might be the best solution for you. Dr Myint will consult with you the best option for you.

Liquid Facelift

Dr Myint performs a cannula liquid facelift using fillers such as Juvaderm, Restylane  Radiesse or Belotero. These are dermal fillers used to plump the skin and fill deep wrinkles or enhance aging lips. Lines across the forehead, cheeks, jaw line, chin, and those that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth can be eliminated with a dermal filler. The fillers are injected in small quantities and may cause mild swelling, but should result in very little recovery time. Results will last for up to one year.

Botox Liquid Facelift

Botox works by relaxing the muscle contractions of the face, thereby reducing the appearance of frown lines and expression wrinkles. Botox is popular and effective, with results that last up to four months. But can Botox and dermal fillers really be compared to facelifts? Together, they can certainly reduce or even eliminate wrinkles. They can plump the skin and give it a tighter appearance. So, yes, the liquid form of facelift can compete against the real thing.

Radiofrequency Facelift

A very popular option these days is the use of heat to cause the collagen under the skin to contract, resulting in a skin-tightening effect. One of the most popular agents of the heat facelift is known as Pelleve. Pelleve uses radiofrequency energy to heat the inner layers of the skin (collagen) to tighten and rejuvenate the skin’s collagen structure, which weakens with age and exposure to toxins. Pelleve is a painless treatment, which takes effect immediately, requires only one session to take effect.

These non-surgical facelift options Dr Myint offers can address the aging of your skin over time. No, they won’t give you the same effects as a full facelift surgery. However, they can lift, tighten, plump, and rejuvenate... and help you look and feel your best at any age.

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