With the aging process, our cheeks tend to start flattening and drooping. Along with that, the lower eyelids begin to sag, which further gives us that worn and tired look. As we grow older, the skin’s ability to generate collagen decreases, which leaves the face looking wrinkled and aged.


Filler injections are an effective, non-intrusive procedure that Dr. Myint utilizes to return a smooth and youthful appearance to your face. It’s temporary, but the results can last up to two years. Dr Myint performs this procedure without using needles so there is hardly any bruising or bleeding, and you can go out the same day without people knowing what was done.


If you are looking for results that are longer lasting, then a surgical procedure is your best choice. Dr. Myint’s cheek augmentation procedure can increase the foundation of the mid-face by redistributing the cheek tissue. This has become a very popular and effective procedure to firm up the cheeks.

Your consultation with Dr. Myint is the ideal time to discuss your recovery goals, cosmetic expectations and medical history. This will enable him to assist you in choosing the right procedure.
Dr. Myint will discuss with you the best option to attain the results you desire.