Male Facelift

Face lifts and other plastic surgery options are no longer reserved for women only. With each passing year, more and more men are seeking out facelifts that help them to retain a more vibrant and younger look. Surgical and cosmetic options can help you feel and look more competitive at play and at work.


Is a Male Facelift an Ideal Option for You?

If you are considering necklift or facelift surgery , Dr. Myint will analyze your whole head-neck area. Is the neck skin drooping? Is the skin sun-damaged? Are there any facial scars? Does the beard growing skin extend down the neck or up the cheeks? Is the hairline receding? Generally speaking, male facial skin has more blood supply compared to female facial skin. During the surgery, male faces tend to bleed more and are at a bigger risk for forming a pool of blood under the skin after a facelift procedure. Since men do not wear makeup, any residual scarring can be difficult for men to hide.

face neck lift for men

Beard and hair growth play a vital role in the outcome of a male facelift. If you have thinning hair or are balding, surgical art may be necessary to hide the facelift incision in the temple region. During the surgical treatment, if the skin of your upper neck is pulled behind the ears then you must have to shave your back neck. However, electrolysis can often correct this difficulty. Discuss these possibilities with Dr. Myint.

For many men, a jowly area beneath the chin is also a major concern. Although in younger patients, liposuction alone could be enough to correct the problem. On the other hand, older patients may need a full male neck lift and facelift which may encompass the tightening of platysma muscles or the removal of excess skin that runs down each sides of the cheek.

"Refinishing" Procedures for facial skin

After a skin smoothing procedure like Dermabrasion or a chemical peel, shaving should be postponed for about a three week period. Since these treatments remove the surface stratum of skin, you can actually expect your faces to remain bright pink, swollen and sensitive for a few weeks after the surgery. Most men are pleased that their beard growth helps hide the redness when they feel uncomfortable using camouflage make-up.

Changing the Facial Features







If you are considering one of these procedures it’s advised that you don’t consume any alcohol a month before the surgery.

Dr. Myint has helped a number of men achieve their desired look. Relying on a facelift procedure to enhance the masculine appearance makes sense for men all over the world.