Face Lift

Dr. Myint is an internationally recognized expert in facelift and facial plastic surgery treatments. If you are not satisfied with your appearance and are considering a facial surgery treatment, we are here to assist you in any way.

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before face lift after face liftContemporary Vs Old Style Face Lifts

We all have come across celebrities with skin as tight as a drum that gives them an unnatural appearance. You don’t need to be concerned, facelift surgery has come a long way and you are in good hands.

Today’s modern methods tighten the underlying muscles and use hidden micro incisions to give you a totally natural look . Using modern lift techniques, Dr. Myint is able to turn back the clock 5-10 years without leaving any indication of the procedure. Within a short period of time, you will see your friends exclaiming, “ You truly look fantastic”.

When the facelift surgery is completed, Dr. Myint will discuss the post-surgery program of diet and supplements that quicken the healing process.

Cosmetic Face Lift

Known as Liquid Facelift, Dr. Myint also offers this non-surgical solution. With little or no downtime, the treatment is quite affordable. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Myint, and he can assist you in choosing the approach that best suits you. In fact, our surgical patients often choose a combination of non-surgical treatments to deliver their extraordinary outcomes.

Plastic Surgery Facelift


Rhytidectomy is a Facelift surgery that is designed to recover your youthful appearance by removing sagging skin and wrinkles. It includes the tightening of the neck and facial muscles and removal of excess skin also.

Due to the even distribution of fatty tissues in facial contours, young adults and children have smoother round faces. As a result of genetics, sun exposure, and age, over time the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Not only does a facelift enhance your look, it also makes a dynamic impact on the neck, augmenting its profile and contour. A facelift, when performed effectively can make a patient look younger than his/her age. However, it is not a simple treatment as it requires at least a week to fifteen days of recovery.


Before Surgical Treatment

Before the facelift procedure, Dr. Myint will assess your medical history to determine your overall health. He will also discuss with you what you can expect from the surgery and your post-surgical appearance. Our only goal is to give you’re a fabulous appearance.

The Facelift Practice


A facelift procedure can include liposuction, chin augmentation, forehead lift and blepharoplasty to rejuvenate your face. Facelifts are performed in an outpatient authorized surgical center. Local anesthesia and intravenous sedation is most often used.

General anesthesia is seldom needed but can be used if desired.

The treatment may take around 5 hours depending on whether any other treatment is performed at the same time. In order to give you the natural results, Dr. Myint may suggest the non-surgical treatments to compliment the treatment.


Functional Care for Facelift

After the surgery is completed, for the first 24 hours it is important to have someone stay with you. Initially you will have a large dressing wrapped around your head. After only a few days, stitches around the ears will be removed. To reduce scarring, Dr. Myint may remove the sutures and then scarring will fade away quickly. Within a week or two weeks, discoloration and swelling decreases. For a few weeks there will be tightness of your face and there might be some minor changes in your hair style to arrange it around the incision.

We highly recommend that you avoid sun for some period of time after the surgery. Complications from a facelift are rare, but can occur. They are: scarring, asymmetry, numbness, discoloration of the skin, facial nerve injury, loss of skin behind ears, infection and bleeding. It is best to refrain from taking blood thinners or aspirin at least two weeks before your surgery to avoid the risk of bleeding. Indeed, if you will follow the pre-operative and post-operative instructions, you will be sure to minimize potential problems.

Recovery Stage

Following the surgery, you may feel numbness in the area around your ear and face. As the healing process begins, there can be some temporary discoloration which may require some months to disappear. During surgery the facial nerve is bruised and that results in temporary loss of sensation. But, actual permanent damage to the facial nerve is rare. You can expect your healing to last up to six months, but you will gradually see the wonderful results that just one procedure can give you.

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