Revisional Plastic Surgery

As the number of people electing to have cosmetic surgery continues to rise across the country, the number of corrective revisions or “redo’s” appears to be increasing at a rate that is significant enough to cause concern among medical practioners Some of the plastic surgery procedures Dr Myint has to correct are the following:


When too much skin is removed from the eyelids it will pull the lid down resulting in too much white showing, which can potentially lead to vision problems. Dr Myint will discuss with you the right options in correcting this problem and a good prognosis in getting your eyes back to where you are happy.


When too much skin is removed a pulled back look can make any facelift look unappealing. Dr Myint will speak to you about how the revision takes place and the recovery to get back the natural face you once had.

Botched Botox:

If neuromodulators such as Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport are injected incorrectly, many temporary facial musculature problems may exist. Botox is a medical drug and needs to be administered by a well-qualified experienced injector. Dr Myint is a Botox Cosmetic instructor by Allergan and will sit with you and explain what you can and cannot achieve with these neuromodulators.

Filler augmentation overcorrection:

Using dermal fillers around the face can lead to trout pout lips, overdone cheeks and puffy eyes. Dr Myint can reverse some fillers and start over with you discussing a reasonable outcome. By using a cannula instead of a needle, Dr Myint can reduce the complications that occur with fillers.