Skin Tumor Symptoms

Skin tumors can either be cancerous or harmless. If the skin tumor turns out to be malignant then it is known as skin cancer. It is the most common type of cancer with more than 3 million cases affecting more than 2 million people every year. Early treatment of skin tumor symptoms is the key, which is why it is important to pay attention to the marks on your skin. To examine the skin tumor symptoms, you must talk to a dermatologist once a year.

Environmental toxins and sun damage can cause serious damage and becomes the reason for skin to age subsequently. The presence of lesions on the eyelid that bleeds could be a skin tumor.

What are the types of Skin Cancers?

You must be aware about these three types of skin cancers namely Melanoma, Squamous cell and Basal cell Carcinoma.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This may occur on all areas of the body –including genitals and mucous membranes. However, they are most common in areas such as the legs, arms, hands, neck, bald scalp, face, lower lip and the rim of the ear. Very often, the skin in these areas reveal loss of elasticity, changes in pigmentation and wrinkling. Squamous Cell Carcinoma very often appear like warts, elevated growth with a central depression, open sores and scaly red patches. SCC is mainly caused by accumulative UV exposure over a period of time.


This is the harmful type of skin cancer, which looks almost black. The scalloped and irregular border seen in this lesion is another characteristic of melanoma. The thicker the lesion becomes, the worsen the prognosis. Although, they are rare on the eyelid, it is the most dangerous kind of cancer and needs to be evaluated properly.

Actinic Keratosis

Without any such treatment, actinic Keratosis can turn into a type of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. these lesions are common in golfers and other people who spend a lot of time outside.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

This is the least dangerous type of skin cancer, but can grow larger and thus needs to be removed significantly. In order to minimize disfigurement and scarring, Dr. Myint performs a frozen section during the surgery if it is a Basal Cell. On the lower eyelid, it is the most common type of cancer.

When you Must See Dr. Myint?

Anytime a lesion around your eyes changes texture, color, size and shape over months, you must come in to see Dr. Myint for the evaluation of your skin tumor symptoms and biopsy.


At a surgical facility, Dr. Myint will make sure the entire tumor is removed. This procedure will be completed into 2 steps, the first with prompt examination of the tumor to make sure it's comprehensive removal followed by the reconstructive surgery.

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