Getting Rid of Dark Circle Under the Eyes


You wake up and see dark circles and bags under your eyes. You go to that important luncheon and its still there! You come home exhausted and look in the mirror. OMG its worse now! How can this be happening to me? What is causing this?

myintportraitThe eyes are the first feature we tend to focus on when we look at someone. It is the centerpiece of the table, the balancing point of the upper face. With those dark circles the balance is shifted and can make you look tired, exhausted and unattractive. “There are many causes of dark circles,” says renowned Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon Dr Shoib A. Myint. “ This is a society of high expectations with quick results and very little downtime.


One of the fastest growing areas in plastic surgery is nonsurgical noninvasive facial rejuvenation.” This is very well portrayed in Dr Myint’s latest book titled “Nonsurgical Periorbital Rejuvenation.”  The reasoning for having these dark circles are the following: hereditary, extremely thin skin showing underlying dark blood vessels, loss of fat around the eyes, or skin conditions. Each one of these can be discussed with Dr Myint during your consultation. If hereditary plays a role, you will always have it. Your options are to lighten the skin with certain bleaching agents, skin care with Vitamin A, antioxidant and hyaluronic acid filler augmentation. If it is blood vessels showing, there are certain lasers, which can make them less visible. If there is loss of fat, well you need either fat transfer or filler augmentation. If it’s a skin issue, the cause of that will need to be determined and treated accordingly. Whatever the cause, rest assured that you will look more refreshed, balanced and more beautiful with the right treatment plan. Call Dr Myint to discuss your options at 702-207-6468.

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