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Get an amazing look for yourself with Facial Fillers

Over the last decade facial fillers have been used extensively by medical professionals, and for a very good reason. As we grow old we tend to loose facial volume, which gradually develops into folds and wrinkles. This only contributes to the appearance of aging. Fillers are an ideal treatment for reducing wrinkles and bringing about…
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Prepping for Surgery Success

Prepping for Surgery Success Remember Ben Franklin, the guy whose face lights up a hundred dollar bill? He once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Not only is that a great saying to take through life, it’s something to keep in the front of your mind if you are planning on…
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Do Your Eyes Have Excess Baggage?

I went to the airport last month for a conference and they wanted to charge me for excess baggage. Eight hours, and three time zones later I checked into the hotel, exhausted. When I looked in the mirror I realized there were two bags I wished I could have checked, they were under my eyes.…
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