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Facelift or Fillers?

Here’s a great cosmetic surgery debate. Knives or needles? Neither!  I’ll take a cannula any time of day. And now you can have all of the beauty benefits of a facelift without going under the knife or the needle with a Cannula Liquid Facelift. The whole purpose of a facelift is to achieve a more…
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Face Your Age with a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Why you should go to a facial cosmetic surgeon for face-lifts, eye lifts, neck lifts, brow lifts. We all know that aging is inevitable but it is not that we just can't look young and vibrant in our 40's or 50's. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, it is essential you put your best face forward.…
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Don’t Be Afraid to Stick Your Neck Out

Stop using your turtleneck to hide your turkey neck! You can recover that youthful elegant neck with a simple surgical solution, a neck lift. If your swan-like neck from yesteryear has succumbed to the ravages of age and gravity, a neck lift can restore that tight, supple, elegant neck that you want. Dr. Shoib Myint,…
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