“Like a Virgin” is not a Madonna tune that comes to mind when looking at this recent picture (on the right) at a concert event she attended in London recently. Clearly Madonna is no stranger to her aesthetic surgeon’s office. In my opinion, it’s clear that her face looks different. What did she have done? Her forehead seems fuller. Her eyelid platform is more visible in the picture on the right.  Her cheeks are fuller with accentuated nasolabial folds. The corner of her mouth seems to be slighted downwards. She has a less defined jawline and chin. Overall in my opinion these are signs of facial fat transfer or dermal filler augmentation, which might have occurred immediately prior to her public appearance.

Q&A with Dr. Myint

Are there any issues about the work that was done?  It appears to me that possibly the facial augmentation might have been a bit aggressive.

Will it improve over time?  If indeed she did have a nonsurgical treatment, the good news is that that it will all improve quickly.

Are there things that could have been done differently to improve the look?  My thoughts are less is more. A more conservative approach might have resulted in less edema.

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