A Message from Dr. Myint on Facelifts

myintportraitQuicklift, Lifestyle Lift, Lunchtime lift, Short Scar Lift. All are very creative and market driven procedures, which translate into one thing. They are all facelifts. Patients have asked me over the years what these procedures are. My answer has always been “it’s just a facelift”.

In the age of social media and the marketing of medicine, the field of plastic surgery field has generated very savvy marketing campaigns to launch their businesses. In the end, however, it all comes down to safety, and quality for the patients. The difference in all of these types of facelifts comes down to just a few basic surgical principals. When these basic principles are tweaked surgically, you can name it anything. These basic principals are location (outpatient, hospital or office), type of incision, and the extent of dissection. The traditional facelift is usually done in an accredited outpatient or hospital facility. The incision starts around the hairline above the ear and extends behind the ear down to the hairline. By altering the incision i.e. shortening the “scar” limits the time spent in the operation hence a quicker facelift.

A traditional facelift may extend the dissection towards the nasolabial (crease from the corner of the nose to the outer part of the mouth) fold. By altering the extent of the dissection the surgical time again can be shortened and patients recovering faster. By doing the procedure in an office setting there is no need for IV sedation. The facelift in this type of setting can also decrease the time. In the end, which type of facelift you need will depend on a consultation, which is tailored, for your situation. Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding which facelift is right for you. My belief has always been that no two human beings are exactly the same and the same procedure done for every patient can result in suboptimal results. Factors such as your age, health, ethnicity can make a difference in the selection process. So please educate yourself on the different types of facelifts out there. It’s your face. It’s the only one you have.

If you or a loved one is considering a facelift, I would be happy to have you come in for a complimentary consultation.


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