Avoid the Holiday Lines

Dr. Myint weighs in on the difference between Botox and fillers

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Blame it on your sparkling personality, or your lifestyle choices, or simple genetics. Your facial lines and creases are caused by any or all of these. Better yet, this isn’t the season for blame so make a difference by treating yourself to a treatment of Botox or facial fillers. Take note, there are important differences between these two and why one would be considered for your treatment over the other.

myintportraitRenowned plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, the founder of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery   explains that often patients are surprised when he suggests dermal fillers for a wrinkle instead of Botox. “Although both types of wrinkle treatments are applied by injection and are used to resolve similar facial flaws, the ways they work on your skin differ greatly”, explains Dr. Myint. “The most apt analogy is to think of the crease as a valley between two high ridges. Botox relaxes the ridges so they are not pushed together and the fillers fill in the valley.”

Here’s where your sparkling personality, or lack of, comes into play. On facial areas where a crease is apparent only when frowning or squinting, Botox should be all that is necessary. Botox is most often used on the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines. Dr. Myint says that Botox works the muscle in two ways. “First it weakens the muscle that causes the frowning and/or worrying lines. It also prevents the progression and deepening of lines because the muscle gets out of shape or out of habit of moving”.

The valleys, or creases, often take the form of acne scars or nasolabial lines between the nose and lips. Dr. Myint uses fillers to address those flaws and also to enhance cheek bones, enlarge lips, correct lip asymmetry, and fill in hollows under the eye that contribute to dark circles. Fillers come in different thicknesses and the appropriate one is chosen for the specific area to be treated.

Dr. Myint reassures his patients that it is the inevitable consequences of age that make the greatest impact on our faces. Dr. Myint says, “As our skin ages it loses its elasticity. Lines deepen, frowning muscles become stronger, and deepen the creases on our face. Botox will probably be all that is needed if creases are only apparent when squinting and frowning. If your facial muscles are at rest and your creases are still visible then it’s time to consider fillers. You will most likely need both Botox and fillers if the creases are present at rest and worsen with facial expressions.”

Now you can face the holidays with…well, with a new face.


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