Cannula Liquid Facelifts for a Rejuvenated Appearance

Do you have a desire to look youthful without anyone knowing you had something done? Do you desire having something done without using needles? Then you are an ideal candidate for the Cannula Liquid Facelift, which easily reduces wrinkles and allows for the restoration of facial contours with no needles. Several people after getting the treatment done by Dr. Shoib A. Myint, a renowned facial cosmetic surgeon, feel their appearance looks happier, energetic and rested, and above all natural.

“I started noticing that my cheeks had lost their shape and I didn’t’ want to go to an inexperienced nurse or family doctor that is just dabbling in injectables. After much research, I booked a liquid facelift with Dr. Myint. He used a cannula instead of needles. I’m so happy with the results. My face looks younger and Dr. Myint’s injection technique is precise and painless.” –Amy J.

myintportraitWrinkles are a part of everyone's life and inevitable as we age. Sun exposure, smoking and stress can accelerate the aging process. Dr. Myint explains the aging process further. “These conditions may lead to a hollowness in the cheeks, under the eyes, deeper static wrinkles, and even a thinning of the lips… If a patient is not a candidate for a facelift, I highly recommend a cannula liquid facelift. It’s immediately effective, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. More importantly I don’t use needles.”

Dr. Myint performs a cannula liquid facelift that plumps the lips and fills wrinkles by using Belotero, Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm among others. Bunny lines, lip lines, wrinkles that run across the chin, jaw lines, cheeks and forehead could be simply erased with the above fillers.

Dr. Myint uses a cannula to minimize any discomfort. The whole procedure can take 20 minutes. His special technique reduces bruising and bleeding. Many return to work right after the procedure. As time passes by, you are sure to see the amazing results that can last up to one year or more for the fillers. Together, wrinkle relaxers, like Botox, and dermal fillers can plum the skin and give a tighter appearance.

It’s time for you to feel great at any age. If the signs of aging are creeping up on you, Dr. Myint is the answer. He is specialized in facial sculpting and has performed facelifts and facial cosmetic surgeries since 1997. Over 15,000 patients have trusted Dr. Myint with their face, Make an appointment today and discover the improved 'You'.

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