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Myint Facelift: A Great Way to Face the New Year

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*Written by Lisa Marie Wark, MBA

Unless you just hit the lottery or are sitting on several thousand shares of Google stock, you have to make real decisions on how to spend your hard earned money. If you have been looking at your face in the mirror for the last forty years, (and who hasn’t), you begin to appreciate the thought of using a little disposable income to combat the ravages of stress,sun, gravity, and questionable lifestyle habits. Joan Rivers, the very funny comedienne, who began looking in the mirror when Lincoln was president once said, “My motto is, ‘Better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car.’ Spend your money on you.”

myintportraitInternationally recognized  plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, the founder of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery says that if you are going to invest your money in your face there is no better value than the facelift. “ A facelift addresses the bottom third of your face”, says Dr. Myint “its where the skin is sagging around your jowls and chin as well as the wrinkles and folds on your neck. That is a lot of facial and neck area to cover so the difference after the surgery is significant.”

The face lift procedure removes fat and loose skin from these areas, and then the remaining skin is tightened to give you the youthful, healthy look you have been wishing for. A facelift doesn’t stop you from aging but because it is changing the underlying structure of the face, the results usually last around ten years.

Dr. Myint says recovery time should take between two and three weeks, and scars should fade after about a year, but hair, jewelry, and the right cosmetics are effective as a cover up if needed. It’s important that the patient closely follows the doctor’s post-surgery instructions”, says Dr. Myint, “I have done thousands of facelifts and the patients that are the most satisfied are the ones that prepare for the surgery conscientiously  and take the time to heal  properly. After all if you are going to invest in your face, you want to do it wisely.” To see Dr. Myint’s portfolio of Before & After photos, please make a complimentary consultation.





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*Lisa Marie Wark is currently a freelance writer and is a business development consultant with a concentration in medical spas and alternative clinics. Currently she is President of Lisa Marie Wark, MBA & Assoc., a business development and social media firm that provides physicians the necessary business tools to help them build or expand their practices into medical spa facilities.

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